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Change in Direction

Time for a change. I’ve become utterly frustrated with several aspects of my life, foremost being unemployed with no direction. It put me in a rather bad place emotionally, and I’m done with that. I’m registering for classes at Leeward Community College and will transfer credits to UH at Manoa for […]

Fire Monkey 2016 Feature Image

Fireproof Now, For the Monkey Comes

Monkeys in general can be very fun together. Ever play with that “Barrel of Monkeys” game as a kid? The more the merrier! I held a job where there were three of us, together, and we were all Managers. Myself, I was the youngest as an Earth Monkey. Then there […]


I am… humbled. I am a person, sitting in the comfort of my home, instantly faced with emotions of empathy, guilt, disgust, pride, joy, deep sadness and over all… … a sense that I am all at once thoroughly insignificant in the world I live, but at the same time […]

Jiorla Helps Me Go Green

Comes a time in a woman’s life where her big, beautiful, brown eyes are just plain boring. I’ve wanted to try out other colors, and being me I’ve researched all sorts of brands from on- and off-line retailers. Being especially concerned with the quality of the lenses, their coloring, and […]


The Essence of IT: Customer Service

In a recent conversation with some family members, the subject of Customer Service came up. The comparison of horror stories commenced as each person in the conversation relayed what they felt was the worst experience – eveh. One participant spoke of the “Snotty Cashier”, another told a tale of “The […]

Hale Nalo

Hale Nalo Beach Rentals is a local beach vacation rental. The owner needed to move the existing site from the old host, and thus decided was a good time for a redsign for more modern functionality. Basic requirements include: Hosting with email Site built in WordPress with ease in updating Total responsiveness from […]

halloween street parties

Halloween Hawaiian Style

Leaves are not changing. There is no crispness to the air. Geese are not migrating overhead. Foxes are not getting thicker coats (after all, we don’t have foxes here). However, there is a change in the retail side of things and yes, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even some Christmas stuff is […]

Barony Western Seas

Barony of the Western Seas

The Barony of Western Seas is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) group in Hawaii. Participants study nearly every facet of life from a certain period, the world of the Middle Ages before 1601. The Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Milpitas, CA, with affiliate organizations in Europe, New Zealand, […]

Allen Davis Photography

Allen Davis Photography

Allen Davis is an old friend from high school. His photography is beautiful and I’ve been a fan of his work for years. With a very important event coming up, Allen expressed he wanted a new type of website, and challenged me to make it for him. Challenge accepted!

Finding Treasures

Sometimes in life, you have to leave behind personal items to move forward. You leave your childhood toys behind when you go to college. You leave furniture behind when you move across the country. You leave everything when you have to escape a bad situation. I did that, so many […]