Change in Direction

Time for a change. I’ve become utterly frustrated with several aspects of my life, foremost being unemployed with no direction. It put me in a rather bad place emotionally, and I’m done with that.

I’m registering for classes at Leeward Community College and will transfer credits to UH at Manoa for the business program. Grants for the first and second semesters have been awarded, I’ve taken the COMPASS, now just need to select the courses after meeting with my counselor. My intent is to acquire that coveted Master in Business Administration. Not sure what will specialize in yet; torn between Marketing, Communication, and Writing. I believe Marketing & Communications with the minor in Writing (creative or journalistic, still have to decide) and return to the Publishing field. Yes. My mind is set.

The crux for this decision was attending yet another job fair on Oahu only to find out there was absolutely nothing for tech, web, or management. Just about every booth I stopped at, and I stopped at almost all of them (avoided the Pearl Harbor and Military booths) only had positions for labor, unionized labor, sales in retail, or service. The few I did talk to were surprised I even stopped, and told me I have too much skill to be considered.

Again, I grew irritated.

Then I bumped into a colleague who, in his own words, “… am so pissed off no one wants to talk to a tech…”

No wonder Hawaii’s youth leave for the mainland!

Job Fair Reality

I did force discussion with some management people who were there, and they told me that without a degree, I wouldn’t be considered for anything but entry level. However, because of my skills and experience, I most likely wouldn’t be hired. Then I asked why. The replies came in various forms…

  • … leave for something else better
  • … want more money than they are willing to pay
  • … would cause disruptions in their processes
  • … know too much about operations
  • … skills are too high level for positions available

Is this what the job market has come to in Honolulu? Companies want to hire dumb people with no loyalty, drive, motivation, or thinking power? I understand wanting to have trainable employees, is what I looked for in people hired into my department. Yet, here are these hiring managers not even wanting to really hold a conversation with me. Then it dawned on me, I intimidated quite a few people.

I even told one person for a tour company I know this island better than her! After all, I was born and raised here, she is from California (from the company’s corporate office I might add). She told me I have far too much experience to be a tour driver and actually suggested I move to the mainland, that I shouldn’t be in Hawaii with my skills.

Why is that?!

I stormed out of the job fair after 4 hours of frustrated talk.

Determined Drive

So yes, I will jump the hoops, burn my brain, and apprehensively become a college student.

With that in mind, I went to WalMart and got an entry level job in 3 weeks. I told them I am going back to school and only want a part time position, mostly nights. The people I work with are awesome – and at the same time surprised that I cannot get a job without a degree.

Anyway, that is why I haven’t been posting much. Things are changing, and so will this site, again, as my focus is no longer to tout my skills on the interwebs. Done with that song and dance.