Finding Treasures

Sometimes in life, you have to leave behind personal items to move forward. You leave your childhood toys behind when you go to college. You leave furniture behind when you move across the country. You leave everything when you have to escape a bad situation. I did that, so many times in my life. I have very few items that have been with me for more than 10 years – and being well into my fourth decade of life, it makes me kinda sad. Perhaps that’s why I stay so connected to the internet, grasping at the digitized content I have added to help me retain some semblance of my history.

That is also why I scour over eBay. So much stuff people are getting rid of that chimes in with a bit of my past. I found the Barbie’s Friend Ship, in cherry condition! I had one as a little girl in my Barbie collection. I found a black leather jacket very similar to my most favorite jacket I owned while in AIT at Ft. Gordon, Georgia. It even smells like my old jacket! So scouring over eBay is sort of like therapy for me. It helps me to reminisce over my past, see my mistakes, and realize the good that came from it all.

Collector items that are a bit pricey I shy away from. However, two items I’ve been scouring the internet for years popped up – The Rogue and Gambit collectible posters from 1994. During my last marriage, I had the pair. Rogue & Gambit being two of my fave X-men characters with such a tragic longing for each other. And the posters are exquisite – done in Alphonse Mucha style – by  Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Stracuzzi and (I think) Josef Rubenstein. These posters were a symbol for me: love strength, beauty, cleverness, companionship, tragedy.

The posters also introduced me to Art Nouveau, and more specifically the style of Mucha. It got so that in 2004 I started researching the art style, and come to realize it is more than just a lot of filigree, there is meaning there. Yes, the style was used a lot for advertising – but to really look at the art you have to know about the artists and what inspires them. Go read up on Mucha, you’ll understand.

I had left Rogue & Gambit behind to get out of a bad really bad situation.

Through the years I would find one or the other of the posters every now and then on the internet. Their condition not-so-great and never together. Tape marks, pin holes, creases, water damage, discolorations. People didn’t treat them very well. I’ve come to find out these two particular posters are relatively rare – they were originally produced as limited editions and are credited to Quesada although three other men were involved in their creation. The rarity of these posters have them going for as much as $100 each – and I always find the closed auctions! I’ve scoured comic sites, poster sites, collector sites, and always come up dry. I was starting to lose hope that I’d never find the pair in quality condition.

But I found them! BOTH! From the same comic dealer in NYC! In decent to good condition! On eBay! STILL AVAILABLE! And I snagged them up as fast as my fingers would allow:


I’m going to have them professionally framed with black matting and hang them on my office wall out of direct light where I can sit and contemplate them, what they mean to me, and remember how years of perseverance eventually does pay off in the end. 🙂


Update: These rare posters of Rogue and Gambit are now in my possession, waiting for the time that I have enough money to take them for professional framing. I have them rolled up with my prized Mucha giclee Emerald, from his Precious Stones seriesI’m going to run out of wall space soon!