halloween street parties

Halloween Hawaiian Style

Leaves are not changing. There is no crispness to the air. Geese are not migrating overhead. Foxes are not getting thicker coats (after all, we don’t have foxes here). However, there is a change in the retail side of things and yes, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even some Christmas stuff is being displayed in stores. Pearlridge (local mall) is already clearing out it’s main floors for the choo-choo and santa setups.

Hawaii is an awesome place for the holidays. Don’t have to worry about raking up endless piles of leaves or pulling out storm windows. There is no need to buy studded tires, thick coats, warm mitten and plush scarves. However, if you watch cable channels, you will get the urge to rush off to Kohl’s or Burlington to get those items (neither of those big-box retailers are in this state, by the way). As much as we have paradisaical circumstances in the 50th state, we cannot get away from the Retail Rush – that is what I call this last quarter of the year.

Great for brick & mortar outlets! But if we go shopping online, we have to pay attention. Unbelieviably, there are many e-tailers who do not ship to Hawaii (and Alaska as well as Puerto Rico). What’s up with that? I want to throw my money at you for your stuffs!!!

We take it in stride, mostly. Sort of a “going through the motions” of entering the holiday season. Some go so far as to buy fake snow, just to pretend for a bit that they are mainland bound. Mostly, those are people who miss the seasonal changes. Not so much locally born. However, there is one holiday during this season that stands out – and that is Halloween!

My fave holiday as an adult. Halloween allows us all to dress up in anything (literally) and go show off our mad costuming skillz. Some go simple – a bikini with body paint – others go beyond reasonable; an entire cosplay of their fave anime character or mecha.

I’ve been working on a kubuki costume since 2005. I’ve figured out how I want to paint my face, got three kimonos sewn. But the wig, ah, the crowning piece of any kubuki setup. It is only 3/4 of the way done. I will not get it done in time for the “freak night” parade in Waikiki. Alas, I am ashamed.