Jiorla Helps Me Go Green

Comes a time in a woman’s life where her big, beautiful, brown eyes are just plain boring. I’ve wanted to try out other colors, and being me I’ve researched all sorts of brands from on- and off-line retailers. Being especially concerned with the quality of the lenses, their coloring, and the comfort of wearing them, I became rather disappointed with the industry. Either I needed to shell out huge money for a set that would be comfortable, or I needed a prescription. Eventually, I just stopped looking around, relegating myself to viewing the world with my “doodoo-brown” orbs.

jiorla at CCHThat is until I got a peek of the offerings at a booth during the recent Comic Con Honolulu event. There, I met Shaila, owner of Jiorla LLC, and her display of colored, nonprescription contacts!

Shaila offers artful jewelry, beadcraft and several popular contact styles suitable for all sorts of costuming needs. I’ve always wanted green eyes to match my role play character and because I think they are super, awesome and sexy. I stood at her booth, which on the first day of the convention was already popular, and listened as she spoke to other visitors. She explained how her products are easy to use, sanitary, and comfortable. I peeked at the price, thought for a moment, then fished out a twenty from my wallet. I asked for the normal green pair. I decided I would wear them the next day with my SCA garb.

The next morning I got the bottles out and struggled opening them. Yes, each contact was housed in a sealed contain from the manufacturer. I later learned Shaila contracts direct with her manufacturer, hence the lack of labeling. No middle-man to deal with (and why her prices are so great). She hadn’t put her labels on the small bottles as she had rushed to get her products to the convention. At 5am, I am not the most dexterous person, but I finally managed to get the first bottle open. Then I paused. I had no idea how to get the contacts into my eyes! That’s right, I’ve never worn contacts in my life. I felt a bit awkward and quickly fired up my iPad.

“Siri, how do I put on eye contacts?!”


Top: brown; Bottom: green

Several YouTube videos later, I am standing over my bathroom sink, vigorously scrubbing my hands. Yes, you want to have clean hands for this operation! It took a bit to get the contact unstuck from my fingertip, but a blink later, BAM! Less got a green eye! I then popped in the second one – and looked in the mirror. WOW! The contacts look completely natural, none of that “screen” look you see in other colored contacts. Even some of my natural brown shown through, giving my eyes a more vibrant look that really just surprised me. I quickly gathered up my effects and dashed out for the second day at the convention center.

I became immediately impressed as the lenses didn’t affect my vision at all. After a few minutes, I didn’t even feel them! I spent my day in and out of air-conditioning, talking with hundreds of people about the SCA, and not one person commented on my eyes. A few people who do know me did ask if I had done something different – maybe my hair or something. I giggled slightly and said I got contacts on. One friend was amazed, “I didn’t even realize it! Wow, they look real good!” came his comment. Success! For I didn’t want it real obvious I was wearing contacts. I didn’t have much time to talk to Shaila, even if her booth was right near ours. She did notice I was wearing the contacts and I told her the they were totally comfortable. I started thinking I might want a blue pair, but she and I were quickly accosted by visitors to our respective booths.

Less with Green Eyes

After 13 hours of wearing colored contacts for the first time.

All in all, I wore the lenses for over 13 hours without them shifting. My eyes didn’t itch or give me any grief at all. When I finally got home, my eyes were feeling a little bit dry, but not at all like sandpaper. I was very impressed with how soft the contacts felt in my eyes, particularly in my left eye where I have that scar from childhood – (hence the slightly red area of that eye). The contacts didn’t feel awkward at all. I removed the contacts, cleaned them, and put them into the little storage thingy-mi-bobber with more solution then relaxed in my chair, and passed out!

Day three of the convention, I finally got a chance to speak to Shaila. She was impressed at how long I wore the contacts, and we chatted a bit about their use and care. Being a contact-newb, I greatly appreciate her advice. Here are some of her tips…

  • Is not a bad idea to carry around some saline solution to drop into your eyes while wearing contacts, it helps to keep your eyes moist
  • Always clean your hands – this is the most important thing – to avoid contamination of the contacts and your eyes
  • It is best not to sleep in your contacts, this helps your eyes rest and keeps the contacts fresh
  • These particular contacts will last up to a year (wow!) so long as they are cared for and treated well

By cutting out the middle-man, Shaila is able to keep her prices low and still service the customer with a special, personal touch. She currently sells direct via Facebook ( and Twitter (@Jiorla) communications, but I’m sure she will be expanding her website to accommodate the growing list of clients she has – which does include me! I will be wanting blue, blackout, and perhaps white contacts. I also have to look closer at her beadcraft which I totally overlooked! Shame on me!