Buy For Less

Finding Treasures

Sometimes in life, you have to leave behind personal items to move forward. You leave your childhood toys behind when you go to college. You leave furniture behind when you move across the country. You leave everything when you have to escape a bad situation. I did that, so many […]

My “Want of the Day”

I don’t care what people think, but I absolutely MUST have one of these absolutely cute Teddy Bears! Clicky! You know you want to! Yes, that pink one will do nicely!!! Is ONLY $170 (plus S/H) and would look SO CUTE hanging from my black/pink Kuromi purse! 🙂


The new Droid on Verizon’s 3G network is – IMHO – the bestest smart phone around! I want one… and I want one now! Anyone who owes me a present – you know what to get. I went so far as to try and buy it online… with the plan […]