Jus' Livin'

Change in Direction

Time for a change. I’ve become utterly frustrated with several aspects of my life, foremost being unemployed with no direction. It put me in a rather bad place emotionally, and I’m done with that. I’m registering for classes at Leeward Community College and will transfer credits to UH at Manoa for […]

Fire Monkey 2016 Feature Image

Fireproof Now, For the Monkey Comes

Monkeys in general can be very fun together. Ever play with that “Barrel of Monkeys” game as a kid? The more the merrier! I held a job where there were three of us, together, and we were all Managers. Myself, I was the youngest as an Earth Monkey. Then there […]


I am… humbled. I am a person, sitting in the comfort of my home, instantly faced with emotions of empathy, guilt, disgust, pride, joy, deep sadness and over all… … a sense that I am all at once thoroughly insignificant in the world I live, but at the same time […]

Jiorla Helps Me Go Green

Comes a time in a woman’s life where her big, beautiful, brown eyes are just plain boring. I’ve wanted to try out other colors, and being me I’ve researched all sorts of brands from on- and off-line retailers. Being especially concerned with the quality of the lenses, their coloring, and […]

halloween street parties

Halloween Hawaiian Style

Leaves are not changing. There is no crispness to the air. Geese are not migrating overhead. Foxes are not getting thicker coats (after all, we don’t have foxes here). However, there is a change in the retail side of things and yes, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even some Christmas stuff is […]


Hunting for the Last Job

I’m at it again. Scouring over employment sites and newspapers, sending letters of inquiry and resumes across the Void. Even throwing shout-outs to old colleagues as far as New York City – all in the attempt to find that “Last Job”. Why do I call it the Last Job? Well, […]

Long Overdue Tribute

It is impressive how a single human being affects our world. The Butterfly Effect is truly wondrous and if you sit for a moment and really think about a few things, you’ll come to realize just how a simple thought by an individual can fundamentally affect so many other people, […]


Longest Time

I’m a bad blogger… but then I am very much preoccupied of late and as it is I tend to put off my musings and urge to write for other activities – like zoning out on my work, fixing the house, running amok on some beach screaming, driving myself to […]

Honolulu Urban Art – Part 2 of 2

Last time “The Wall” located at Six Eighty Ala Moana was featured, showing some really interesting artwork that many will call graffiti. That wall will be torn down eventually once the renovations to the building are complete, never to be seen again except in some rubbish dump. There is more art […]


Something Fun

Been very busy – but here’s something to bide the time.