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The Essence of IT: Customer Service

In a recent conversation with some family members, the subject of Customer Service came up. The comparison of horror stories commenced as each person in the conversation relayed what they felt was the worst experience – eveh. One participant spoke of the “Snotty Cashier”, another told a tale of “The […]


Hunting for the Last Job

I’m at it again. Scouring over employment sites and newspapers, sending letters of inquiry and resumes across the Void. Even throwing shout-outs to old colleagues as far as New York City – all in the attempt to find that “Last Job”. Why do I call it the Last Job? Well, […]

A Peek at History

For many of the unofficially-educated marketing professionals out there, there has been a lack of fundamentals, particularly in concepts of early advertising. For myself – a self-taught marketer who’s fallen into her craft based on the sheer creativity – I have been very blessed to have worked for (and am […]

Peeve of Peeves ~ Opt-Out

As in internet professional, I make sure I am not only following trends in new technologies and services, but I keep up to date on regulations and requirements. Converting, Hashing, Texting, Messaging, Emailing, Posting, Reading, Engaging…. *deep breath* PCI, HIPPA, CanSpam, W3C, WAG, B2C, B2B! O-M-G! If you’re not in […]

Online Fraud PSA

An easy way online fraudsters are now ripping off consumers and not be easily tracked is to use stolen credit or debit card information to reload a pre-paid card. The perpetrator gets a hold of your card information then uses your information to reload a merchant gift card or pre-paid […]