Barony Western Seas

Barony of the Western Seas

The Barony of Western Seas is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) group in Hawaii. Participants study nearly every facet of life from a certain period, the world of the Middle Ages before 1601. The Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Milpitas, CA, with affiliate organizations in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. I happen to be a member.

As a member, I offered my professional services to help manage and modernize the group’s websites and web services. To do such, I submitted official documents to become an officer of the Society, thus becoming a fully warranted Webwright for the Barony under direction of Kingdom Caid (seated in Southern California).

Being a labor of love, this project and subsequent maintenance as the Barony’s Webwright are offered out of love.

Project Outline

  1. Redesign and modernize the Barony’s website (main site for the group)
    1. A static structure, no CMS
    2. Must be able to display the Barony’s newsletter in PDF format
    3. Responsive design
    4. Integration with private as well as public social outlets
  2. Restructure and organize the Cantons’ web assets (sub-sites for the branches of the Barony, 6 in all).
  3. Collaborate with webwrights of each Canton to update and manage their sites
  4. Manage all email addresses, aliases and forwarding as dictated by Barony needs
  5. Follow specific non-profit guidelines as dictated by Kingdom and Society under 501.(c)(3) laws and directives

Barony Site (

Utilizing code (HTML5 and CSS3) to build a static site is a crisp return to my roots as a “code warrior”. Javascript is minimally used for ease of display across many platforms as well as for security. It is actually rather refreshing to get into “simple code” again after fighting with CMS configuration files and server setups! In time, the Barony may upgrade to a more dynamic way of doing things, but it is quite happy with its static presence.

Sticking to W3C standards while allowing for access of (the blind), code is responsive and displays well across mobile devices as well as degrading to older browsers.

Canton Sites

Each Canton has the choice of having its own site, or holding page will display.

Each Canton also has the choice of getting its own webwright, or seeking services from the Barony for assistance. At this time, communications with each Canton is in progress.