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Bathroom Remodel pt.1

Well, its happened – the bathroom floor is falling through. We’ve had to slap down some 1″ ply to keep it safe while we get the rest of the materials needed to redo the bathroom. What I do have right now are… bathtub – cast iron w/porcelain coating drainage kit […]

House Remodeling Plans

I am very lucky to have a carpenter for a Dad. ^.^ As we move forward with fixing our respective houses, I keep mushing over the style I want in my house. I know I want it to basically match the style of the old pineapple days, but I also […]


What I’m doing lately

I’ve been told I’m neglecting things… o.O am I? I dunno – bills are getting paid, kids are fed, house is getting fixed. Well, I guess I’ll neglect it all a bit more – my plate is full and even after a week of forced vacation (doctor’s orders) I am […]


Home & Garden Show

Went to the H&G show with my folks at the Blaisdell. Didn’t really see much that captured me except for this flooring (more on that in a bit). Actually was kinda disappointed in the show itself. It was small, had displays there that didn’t really have anything to do with […]


Hot Water Heater

Had to replace the hot water heater for it was overheating and spewing hot water everywhere from time to time. Basically the thermostat went south and rather than try and replace it, Dad & I decided to get a new one. So grabbing the phone book, the hunt for a […]

No money? Landscape!

There is just so much to do to the house itself, I figured I’d start with something less expensive. I walked all around the house, and decided to take care of the taller-than-my-house ti leaves and such. Oh, just to clue you in, I simply LOVE getting dirty. ^.^ And […]

The House – inspection and notes

This is My Old Pineapple House.Please keep in mind these are the photos taken by the listing real estate agent while tenants were still living in the home. Not the prettiest of homes, but the potential is there for a wonderful restoration project that I will definitely enjoy living in […]

Whitmore? Where’s dat?

In the 1940’s pineapple was king. One could drive in any direction from Wahiawa, only to see acres upon acres of the pointy plants that would produce the golden fruit which helped to shape modern Hawai‘i. Within that acreage, tiny camps of workers were dispersed in a rather hodge–podge way. […]