27 June 2019

Thoughts Sparked by "Paddy's Lament"

Being of Irish descent, I periodically get curious of my cultural heritage. Movies are grand, but overly dramatized from the seeds of truth. The web is a wild source of knowledge that may or may not be based in fact - websites that cite their sources can be a good place to read, but are those sources credible? Tracking sources is a skill I learned in college - a very good skill mind you. I enjoy reading over the web, but sometimes having a book in the hand is the best way to read up on history.

01 June 2019

Library Lament

I love books. I love reading stories, both fiction and non, and utterly miss having a library. I had a big library in the past, and a decent collection before leaving Hawaii. My library consisted of four major categories: science fiction and fantasy, historical (fiction and non), academia for research, and career related (computer, web, and marketing). Almost everything had a hard cover; which is why I had to let it go - too costly to ship. When I took all those books to Book-Off at Pearlridge, the clerks were firstly amazed, and secondly aghast.

07 April 2019

On The Road Again...

I deplore flying. That is a funny statement considering I grew up on an island in the middle of the ocean and the only way to see anything new was to fly. Still, I seriously do not like to fly. I've been told it may be a 'control issue' - as I have to hand my fate over to some pilot. I think it has something to do with the fact that I cannot see much of anything outside - clouds are exciting for only so much time.

So leaving Vegas and heading eastward without a vehicle of my own (which, dear reader, is my preferred method of travel), I opted for Greyhound.

17 March 2019

11 March 2019

Adventure Time

So... "poor girl" couldn't renew her hosting, and it is back to the Google-verse and using Blogger. She is also "stupid girl" as she didn't download everything... so a lot of what was on her site is *poof* - over a decade of sporadic posts and stuff. Is alright, this is a good place to post and exercise my writing - not so much with the template and code tweaking as I would do on WordPress. Is a good thing, I need to get back to writing and not so much tweaking.